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Warranty Policy

We know very well how important our customers' peace of mind is when buying a pre-owned car and that is why at Reliable Auto Repairs and Sales Inc. We thoroughly check and service all of our vehicles.

Our warranty is a set designed coverage to fit nearly every vehicle and budget even vehicles with as many as 175,000 miles! If you're purchasing a vehicle that is no longer covered under the manufacturer's basic factory warranty, don’t worry we will provide the coverage you need. No worries just drive!

Warranty Terms

  • 200,000miles or less! (Nationwide) 3months or 4,500miles
  • 6months or 7,500miles
  • 12months or 14,500miles
  • 24months or 26,500miles
  • 36months or 38,500miles
  • 48months or 50,00miles
  • 60months or 100,000miles


Covered Systems:

Engine, Seals and gaskets, Automatic transmission and Manual transmissions, 4- & All-wheel drive, Drive axles, Air conditioning, Brakes (all internally lubricated parts of the hydraulic system), Cooling, Electrical, Fluids, Steering, Suspension, ABS, Hi- Tech electrical, turbochargers, Rental car reimbursement, 24/7 towing assistance, Travel and lodging reimbursement, Labor and diagnostics, and Much more!!

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